Lutron VT-600M Vierti 600W Incandescent/Magnetic Multi-Location Dimmer

Lutron VT-600M Vierti 600W Incandescent/Magnetic Multi-Location Dimmer
Item# lutron-vt600m-vierti-600w-incandescentmagnetic-multilocation-600600

Product Description

Vierti is a new single touch lighting control that sets lights to the perfect level. With a sleek aesthetic and intuitive operation, Vierti brings a fresh style and innovative function to the world of lighting control.

Vierti's intuitive operation makes it easier than ever before to set the perfect light level. Simply touch the LEDs or slide your finger on them to create the atmosphere you want.

Vierti's distinct, polished look complements both commercial and residential applications. In addition to a sleek aesthetic, Vierti performs like no other lighting control. The perfect light level can be set with a single touch or a slide of the finger. The LEDs in the illuminated control bar brighten when touched, filling the bar to show the light level selected.

# Single touch lighting control # Touch anywhere along the LEDs to set the light level # Precise lighting control - the illuminated bar is longer than on standard dimmers making it easier to set the perfect light level # On/Off status indicator allows for easy location in the dark # When off, LEDs show preset light level # Audible feedback confirms the user's touch # Power-failure memory - lights always return to the previous state when power is restored # Companion dimmers provide full range dimming from up to four (4) additional locations # Full-featured multi-location dimming - change the light level or determine the current light level from any location in the circuit

Voice and Data